Gridin’s Group Contribution in Resuming Shipbuilding in Amsterdam

Gridin’s Group cooperation with the „Niron Staal Amsterdam” (The Netherlands) for the hull construction of RoPax 5121 passenger ferry has become a part of the shipbuilding resumption in Amsterdam. It is the first vessel built after a 70-year hiatus – the last ship building project in Amsterdam was in 1947 (on the former NDSM yard).

Gridin’s Group hull construction project for RoPax 5121 passenger ferry under the agreement with steel construction machining company Niron Staal Amsterdam, which is a part of the Damen Shipyards Group, lasted throughout entire ferry building process from October 2016 until January 2017. An overall collaboration in various projects with "Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam" („Damen Shipyards Group”) continues since 2015.

“General, a project like this is nothing new for Gridin’s Group – we have extensive experience in ship hull assembly. Yet, with Niron Staal it was the first cooperation ever in this sector. Previously, here we have carried out assembly/welding works of separate ship sections. RoPax 5121 ferry was the first entire hull construction project at Niron Staal Amsterdam. This project helped to strengthen our relationship with the company, and we hope that it will bring us new opportunities for further cooperation,” said Sergej Vinogradov, the Director of UAB “Gridin’s Group LT”.

As Marius Mėdžius, who is one of the co-owners of Gridin’s Group, pointed out, “Our participation in this project, when after 70 years the first vessel was built and launched in Amsterdam, give us hope that shipbuilding in this region can be resumed and become competitive. And if this industry here will be able to grow and develop into successful long-term projects, it would be highly relevant not only for us as project executors, but also for the Netherlands as a whole, and especially so for the Amsterdam Area, which is one of the players in the shipbuilding industry.”


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