Gridin’s Group Telecommunication Engineers Training

Gridin’s Group telecommunication engineers participated in the training in the use of cables and connectors initiated by the company named „Heliax® Coax” at the Gridin’s Group International Training Center. The training was conducted by Andreas Klimstein the instructor of Commscope.

During the theoretical training the cable types and sizes, types of connectors as well as the new 4.3-10 connectors, tools and equipment, cable accessories were presented. Whereas during the practical part the participants practiced different cable handling techniques, connector assembly using grounding tools and methods as well as cable prep tools and methods.

“For more than three years Gridin’s Group specialists provide a wide range of technical services in the field of mobile network systems - such as assembling, testing and inspecting the equipment as well as providing other necessary maintenance services”, says Lina Milašauskienė, Project Manager of the Telecommunications. “We aim to have as much information on technical innovations, as possible. During such trainings it is possible not only to clarify technical possibilities and other questions, but also to test new products, which is really very beneficial”.

You can find more information about training here.

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