Non-Destructive Testing

  • The Gridin's Group provides services of non-destructive testing in maritime, industrial and energy projects around the world since 2004. The principal lines of activities are non-destructive testing during production of steel structures and inspection of steel structures, which are already in operation.

    Methods and technologies of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT):

    • Dye Penetrant Testing (PT).
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT).
    • Visual Testing (VT).
    • Eddy Current Testing (ET).
    • Ultrasonic Testing (UT):
      • Manual method:
        • Ultrasound Testing (UT)
        • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM).
      • Automatic method (P-scan system):
        • Inspection of welded joints (AUT).
        • С-scan – imaging of a scanned section with mapping of the residual thicknesses (corrosion map).

    List of provided services:

    • Non-Destructive Testing when producing steel constructions and inspecting the already operated steel constructions by using different methods and technologies.
    • Drawing up the reporting documentation on the results of Non-Destructive Testing.
    • Evaluation of the state of steel constructions and preparation of recommendations on the elimination of noted defects.

    All specialists are certified in accordance with ISO 9712

    Detailed presentation of Non-Destructive Testing (PDF)

    Examples of our projects: