Gridin‘s Group Successfully Cooperates in Construction for Modern Marine Fishery Project


Gridin‘s Group LT company has been successfully collaborating with Fosen Yard company (Germany) in exceptional offshore fish-farming project in Norway – Arctic Offshore Farming (AOF).

Technical specialists of Gridin‘s Group LT perform assembly and welding of offshore steel constructions, as well as other works. Manufactured constructions are intended for salmon farming units located in the open sea, where severe weather conditions make it impossible to use regular fishing equipment.

„Although the project deadlines had to be postponed, the first part is nearing completion. We did our usual work, despite having to constantly adapt to changing circumstances, including the global quarantine, - said Lina Ambrazaitienė,  head of  “Gridin’s Group LT”. “This is a very captivating project for an exceptional purpose which has provided us with an interesting experience and enabled us to hone our practical expertise where impressive environmental technologies and automation  are applied for developing fishery in adverse weather conditions.

More information - on news release (pdf)